Which Programming language is best for machine learning

by keshav


This is one of the most searched and asked questions by beginner on Machine Learning over internet. However, there aren’t any strong basis with the support of which one can declare any of the programming language as the best. It is merely determined by the requirement and experience of a programmer in any programming language. Talking frankly, machine learning is nothing but implementing mathematical and statistical methods to interpret and model data. And almost every programming language allows you to do these stuffs.

Machine Learning is technique of developing algorithms that best fits and explains data. We can develop such algorithms in any of the languages we know. But the question arises if we can develop the algorithm in any of the languages, then why are some of them more commonly used than other? I think the answer is quiet obvious, the popularity of any programming language depends on its code construct, syntaxes, availability of wide range of libraries and your requirement and perfection (i.e. Which programming language you are perfect on).
So let’s list out some of the commonly used programming language in the field of data analysis and machine leaning.
  • Python
  • R
  • C++
  • Matlab
  • Java
  • C, and other.
These programming languages have their own merits and demerits. E.g. java and C++ are strong programming language but due to their complexity they are a bit difficult to understand for some beginners. 
 Due to presence large number of libraries for scientific computing and easy construct of code, Python is being more common these days of data analysis and Machine Learning. It also has a powerful compiler that creates efficient, portable, and distributed code. However, the selection of programming language is completely up to you. Select the one in which you are experienced enough and you have good practice since Machine Learning is nothing but the application of mathematical and statistical concepts over data.

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