What is Machine Learning and why is it important ?

by keshav


What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a branch of computer science that enables the computer or any other machine to learn without doing explicit programming. The main motive of machine learning is to provide the algorithms that can be trained to accomplish a task based on previous experiences(i.e. Data). It is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning algorithms create a mathematical model based on sample data, known as “training data,” so that predictions or decisions can be made without explicit programming for the problem we need to solve.
Machine learning is closely related to the statistical as well as mathematical interpretation and optimization of data. It includes various techniques and methods like Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Semi-supervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning, each of which has its separate several algorithms, scope, and importance.

Why is Machine Learning important?

Several studies and research performed in recent years have shown that Machine Learning can be used to automate many different tasks that only humans can do such as Image Recognition, Text Generation, understanding and responding to the human voice, or playing games, taking decisions by the machine itself etc.
Data is every business’s lifeblood. Data-driven decisions increasingly make the difference between competing or falling further behind. Machine learning can be the key to unlocking the value of corporate and customer data and taking decisions that keep a company ahead of the competition.

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