Website Under Construction Html Code Free

by keshav


Website Under Construction pages plays a vital role to engage your website visitors if your website is still in the construction phase. It is a temporary page that shows something new is coming to this address. Its purpose is to arouse attention while also encouraging your customer to take action.

In simple words, a website Under Construction page is used to display information about a web page or website that has not yet been completed or is not yet ready for public inspection. "Coming Soon" or "Under Construction" are common text notifications on these pages.

A website under construction page should have some ways that visitors can follow your social media profiles.

Following is code for a simple website under construction page written in HTML. The code is simple and self-explanatory. It contains some message that says the website is under construction. It also has a progress bar that shows the percentage of website progress. We recommend you watch the following video along with the code to understand the code better.



See the Pen
website under construction html code free
by Vidyasheela (@_vidyasheela)
on CodePen.

You can download other such coming soon pages and website under construction pages from this link.

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