Website Under Construction Html Code Free

by keshav


If your website is still under construction, website Under Construction pages are essential for keeping visitors interested. It is a placeholder page that indicates fresh content will soon be available at this address. Its goal is to grab attention and motivate your client to take action.

In simple words, a website Under Construction page is used to display information about a web page or website that has not yet been completed or is not yet ready for public inspection. "Coming Soon" or "Under Construction" are common text notifications on these pages.

A website under construction page should have some ways that visitors can follow your social media profiles.

The HTML code for a straightforward website under construction is provided below. The code is clear and easy to understand. It contains a notice stating that the website is still being built. Additionally, it contains a progress bar that displays the website's progress as a percentage. To better understand the code, we advise you to view the accompanying video.



See the Pen
website under construction html code free
by Vidyasheela (@_vidyasheela)
on CodePen.

You can download other such coming soon pages and website under construction pages from this link.

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