Top 5 Best Responsive Contact Us Page Templates and Examples written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript

by keshav


In this article, we will see the top 5 best responsive contact page templates and examples written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can access the source code and all the used media files using the download link given with the respective templates.

One of the most significant pages on your website should be the contact us page. Your 'Contact Us' page is crucial for turning website visitors into customers since it provides a handy area for them to find all of your contact information. After all, what good is it if someone is extremely interested in your products and services but can't get in touch with you?

Apart from potential customers, your 'Reach Us' page allows investors and advertisers to contact you, and we all know how important both of these entities are to a business's success.

Contact us forms are easy to make if you have some prior experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Using certain preset templates, on the other hand, makes your task easier by minimizing coding time.

Following are the 5 best contact us page templates written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript:

Contact Pages are an important component of any website that gives your visitor a path to get in touch with you. This is a simple contact page suitable for any kind of blog. 


You can download this template for free from this link.


Unlike other types of contact us pages, this template contains a brief description of the expertise present in the firm or business, rather than a simple contact form. It's great for educational sites, corporations, and so forth.



You can download this template for free from this link.

This contact us page template is a more advanced version of a basic contact us page that provides your company's or business's address as well as other contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, links to other websites, and so on.



You can download this contact us form template for free from this link.


  • Responsive Contact Us Page Template using HTML

    This responsive contact us page design template was created from the ground up using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It has a similar style to our fancy contact us page with customer assistance, but it has a few more features. The design of this contact us page consists of two sections or pages. The first is the landing page, which is divided into three sections: customer service, write to us, and sales and marketing. The second page has a contact form, which your visitors can use to contact you.

responsive contact us page template

You can download this template from this link

If your company sells or markets products, you may require a contact page template that includes a list of frequently asked questions about your company and product. In this instance, this contact us page template is the ideal option. It has a part dedicated to customer service, as well as sales and marketing-related assistance.


contact page with customer support


You can download this template for free from this link.

Some of the features of these contact us page templates are:

  • Simple and Responsive UI and Design.
  • Free to use the template.
  • Written purely in HTML, CSS, and javascript.

You can see other such website templates in our template section. Templates


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