Installation of JDK

by keshav


As the Kotlin runs on JVM, it requires a JDK to be installed on your computer. You can download JDK directly from but it is not free for commercial use (it is still free for personal use). You have to buy it if you want to use it for production. Therefore we download JDK from, which is free and open-source.

You can download the JDK from the links below,

  1. Oracle
  2. OpenJDK


Once you have downloaded the JDK, you can follow the following steps to install it,

1. Run the setup and click Next



2. Accept License agreements and click Next



3. Select the Installation Location and click Next



4. Click install and the installation will begin




5. Click Finish to complete the installation



Now the OpenJDK is successfully installed on your computer. To confirm the installation, open the command prompt or Windows PowerShell and type java –version, and press enter. It should show somewhat similar as shown below.



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