Installation of IntelliJ IDEA (Setting Up Environment)

by keshav


Setting Up Environment (IDE)

There is various IDE available that supports Kotlin project development like, Eclipse, Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, etc. We can also use code editors like notepad++, Visual Studio Code, etc. to write our Kotlin code. But for this tutorial series, we will be using IntelliJ IDEA.

The following steps will guide you on how to set up IntelliJ IDEA in your system


1. Download IntelliJ IDEA Run Setup file

You can download IntelliJ from this link- download link



2. Click next



3. Select Installation Location



4. Select required options and click next



5. Select the start menu folder and click Install



6. After the installation progress completes, click Finish to complete Installation



7.  When you run IDE for the first time it will show the dialogue box as shown below. If you don’t have any setting files to import, select “Do not import setting” and continue. Else if you have one, you can configure it by selecting “Config or Installation directory”.





Since Kotlin runs on JVM, so we need to have JDK(Java Development Kit) installed on our computer. To check whether JDK is installed on your pc or not, open the command prompt or Windows PowerShell and type java –version, and press enter. It should show somewhat similar as shown below.



If JDK is not installed in your system. You have to install it. You can install it by following the steps explained in the Installation of JDK

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