How to make responsive Footer using HTML and CSS ?

by keshav


In this article, we will learn how to make a responsive footer design using HTML and CSS. The design is simple and the code is easy to understand.

You can see a demo of this footer design by visiting this link.

The footer of a website is a part of the content at the bottom of the page. A copyright notice, a link to a privacy policy, a sitemap, a logo, contact information, social networking icons, and an email sign-up form are usually included. In a nutshell, a footer contains information that increases the general usability of a website.

The HTML code for this responsive footer design is very simple. if you know the basics of HTML and CSS then you can easily write this type of code on your own. As mentioned in the above paragraph the main thing that you should keep in mind before writing your footer in HTML is that it should contain all the information that you want to show to your visitor so that their user experience is enhanced. To make the design responsive we have used properties like flex-wrap. Commonly media queries are used to make designs responsive. You can add media queries in this design if you wish to make it more responsive but we don't think there will be any need for such in this footer design.

Following is the HTML code for the Footer design. We recommend you watch the video embedded below along with the code for a better understanding.



See the Pen Responsive Footer Design HTML and CSS by Vidyasheela (@_vidyasheela) on CodePen.

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