How to make a responsive Login and Registration page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

by keshav


In this article, we will learn how to make a responsive login + registration page using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can directly download the file from the download link below if you want.

A login page is a web page or website entrance page that requires user authentication and authorization, which is often performed by entering a username and password. Logins may grant access to the entire site or only a portion of it. In addition to enabling site access, logging in allows the website to track the user's activities and habits. A registration form/page, on the other hand, is a webpage that permits new users or members to join your site.

Following is the code for a responsive login form/login page and a registration form/page in HTML with CSS code. It is a responsive login page + Registration page written completely using HTML. You can use this login form and registration form on your website without any restrictions.

we recommend you to watch following video along with the code for better understanding.

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See the Pen
Registration and login form
by Vidyasheela (@_vidyasheela)
on CodePen.


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