How To Make a Contact Us Page using HTML and CSS

by keshav


One of the most significant pages on your website should be the contact us page. Your 'Contact Us' page is crucial for turning website visitors into customers since it provides a handy area for them to find all of your contact information. After all, what good is it if someone is extremely interested in your products and services but can't get in touch with you?

Apart from potential customers, your 'Contact Us page allows investors and advertisers to reach out to you, and we all know how important both of these entities are to a business's success.

There are many contacts us page templates available throughout the internet but most of them are made with bootstrap and some are paid. this contact us page template is free to download and use. You can see the HTML code for this contact us page template below. If you wish you can download this design from this link. 

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Following is the HTML code with CSS to make a contact us page on your own,


See the Pen Contact page by Vidyasheela (@_vidyasheela) on CodePen.

You can download the HTML files of this template and other such templates from here.

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