How to make a Calendar Using HTML, CSS, and Javascript ?

by keshav


In this article, we will learn how to make a simple calendar in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.Html calendar is one of the widely used widgets in any website or blog. It is easy as well as tricky at the same time to make a calendar using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We will understand the logic behind the javascript calendar using code and a video attached with this article.

To make this calendar using HTML, CSS and Javascript first we used static values and then styled it. We add some javascript later to make it dynamic. The major role is played by the javascript date object  Date() and its function like getDay(), getFullYear(), getMonth() etc. The code for this project is self-explanatory. Comments are used to explain the code as per requirements. We recommend you to watch the video along with the code to understand it better

The video to make javascript calendar is,

Following is the code to make a simple calendar using HTML, CSS, and javascript:

See the Pen
simple javascript calendar
by Vidyasheela (@_vidyasheela)
on CodePen.

Download Link- Here

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Your code has a slight bug in it, or at least the code pen does. When you come to either january going backwards, it skips to November. Or if you get to December and go forward it skips to February. This is because I think you accidently added month-1 as well: if(month===1){ month =12; month-=1; } The same applies to going forward. Apart from that thanks for a good guide. It gives me a good idea how to go forward to approach my habit tracker app.

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