Free Template for Student Registration Form in HTML

by keshav


This is the form used to register students online. Every business today operates online, and universities and colleges are no exception. Important tasks like student registration, exam form submission, etc., may all be completed quickly and efficiently online. This sample acts as a form for student registration online. No matter what subject you teach, our free student registration form enables students to sign up for your class online quickly and easily.


free student registration form template in HTML download


Source Code:

See the Pen
Student Registration Form in HTML
by Vidyasheela (@_vidyasheela)
on CodePen.

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There are a lot of such templates out there, some of its features make it different than others. Following are its features:


  • deal for educational sites or for schools or colleges.
  • It is made for student admission purposes but can be extended for exam registration also.
  • The design is responsive and UI is clear to understand.
  • Facilities like image upload, document uploads are available.
  • Free to use, modify and redistribute the template.
  • If you have the permanent and temporary addresses same, then upon a single click you can copy all your permanent address information to the temporary one.
  • you can validate the size of the photo.

You can view its live demo here.


Download Link is here.

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