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by keshav


By definition, an e-commerce website is one that allows you to buy and sell physical goods, digital products, or services online.

For ages, trade has existed, whether through barter exchange or the buying and selling of products and services. There is no such thing as self-sufficiency. This emphasizes the importance of good and service demand and supply.

E-Commerce, also known as e-Business or electronic business, is the sale and purchase of goods and services over an electronic medium such as the Internet. But the problem with this is that it is very difficult to build one. Even an experienced web developer faces problems regarding to the design and UI of this kinds of website.

We have come up with a front-end template of an ecommerce website that you can use as starter for your project which will save your development time.



Some of the features of this template are:

  • The UI is easy to get used to and the design is responsive.
  • All the required pages like login pages, contact pages, cart etc are included.
  • The template is free to use and modify.
  • You can download this template and use it as a starter for your school as well as professional projects. 
  • All the files i.e. HTML, CSS, and JS are placed separately.
  • The code is easy to understand.


login page


create account page


You can download this template for free from here.

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