5 Best Login Form Examples and Responsive Templates(Free Source Code))

by keshav


A login page is a web page or website entry page that requires user identification and authentication, which is often performed by entering a username and password. If you have some coding skills, you may easily create your own login pages. However, if you just have a limited amount of time to complete your project, you may require login page templates that you can utilize directly with your website. Logins may grant access to the entire site or only a portion of it. In addition to enabling site access, logging in allows the website to track the user's activities and habits.

You can get login page templates from a variety of places, but here are some of the greatest ones that are free to use, alter, and even redistribute. Following are the 5 best login page templates written in HTML and CSS.

This HTML, CSS, and Javascript registration and login form template is responsive. This template is available for free download at the link provided below.

registration and login form template

You can download the file from this link.

Some of the features of these templates are:

  • The design is responsive and clean.
  • Other login options are hidden and appear once you click on the Sign-in options link.
  • Free to use and modify the template.
  • uses pure HTML, CSS, and javascript code.
  • code is simple and concise.


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