Website Under Construction Page Template HTML


This is an example of a responsive website under construction page written in HTML, CSS, and javascript. Its design is simple and clear. It has a blurred background image and some text messages written on its top saying the website is under construction.

To make the design of this website under construction page more appealing we have added a progress bar that is supposed to indicate the progress of your website construction. 

Website Under-Construction pages play a very important role for a new coming product. It is a temporary page that shows something new is coming to this address. Its purpose is to arouse attention while also encouraging your customer to take action.

It is good practice for a coming website/company to increase its social media follower. To assist in this, some social media buttons are included in this website under construction HTML design so that the visitors can be redirected to the social media profile of the website/company.

Some of the features of this website under-construction page template are:

  • The template is written in HTML and CSS
  • The design is responsive
  • Social media icons are also included from where visitors can follow your profile
  • The progress bar is also there through which you can show the progress of your website


You can see the demo in the frame above.

You can download the website under construction HTML files by clicking the download button below.

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