Responsive Coming Soon Landing Page HTML


This is a responsive coming soon landing page written completely in HTML and CSS. Coming Soon landing Pages play a very important role for a new coming product. A temporary landing page introducing a new product or service is known as a coming soon landing page. Its purpose is to arouse attention while also encouraging your customer to take action.

This coming soon landing page is simple yet very appealing. It allows visiting users to enter their emails so that they can be notified once the website is live. It also contains social media buttons from which users can follow your social media accounts.

To use this coming soon landing page HTML in your website is simple. Write a backend logic to take the input from the input field and store it in your database so that you can notify your subscribers as soon as your site is live.

Some of the features of this coming soon landing page are:

  • The design is simple and responsive.
  • It is completely written using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • The template design is free to download and edit.

You can see the demo of this coming soon page template in the frame above.

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