Responsive About Us Page HTML


This is responsive about us page written in HTML and CSS. You can download, edit it for free. 

One of the most significant pages on your customer's website is the About Us page. It is an opportunity for their visitors to learn more about their business. This is an opportunity for your customers to identify themselves to their clientele and the type of business they run. So go ahead and make it spectacular!

This about us page design might give you some idea. You can use this about us page design on your site for free. Since the design is a dummy design, so you have to edit it before you use it. It is not that hard to edit it, just replace the dummy text inside the HTML with your own meaningful text.

The structure of this about us page HTML file is simple and easy to understand. For the styling plane, CSS is used. Download the files by pressing the download button below.

You can see the demo of this responsive about us page in the frame above


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