Free JavaScript Text Editor code


Free Text Editor is a simple WYSIWYG javascript text editor code that is made using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is just for a demo purpose. You can use it as starting point of your project. Some of its features are:

  • It is free, so you can download it, edit it, modify it according to your need, and re-distribute it.
  • The download file contains all the required HTML, CSS, JS, images, and font files so that you need not have to search anywhere. Just download the files and try it on your own.
  • Contains basic functionalities of a text editor like bolding, underlining, copying, indenting, undo, redo, clear formatting, etc.
  • Using the button at the bottom you can copy the HTML Source code of your text.
  • The code is clean and concise and all the required code for HTML, CSS, and JS are included in a single file.
  • The demo is as shown in the frame above.

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