Login Pages

Simple Login Form Template

This is a simple login form template. You can edit it or directly use it as it is your login page. The UI is user-friendly and good-looking. Some of its features are:

Login Page with Other Login Options

Most of the time people don't want to create separate emails or usernames for using websites. in such cases, it is good to make provision of logging into the website using the existing accounts like google account, Facebook account, and so on. This login page suits best as the template for such cases. It contains the other log in options like sign in with Google, Facebook, etc

Login Form with Remember Me Option

If it is one's personal device, then it becomes a bit tedious if they have to input a username and password every time. To make it easier what you can do is use a remember me option which will take care that they don't have to input username and password every time they log in. This login form template is the perfect frontend design for that situation. Some of the features of this form are: