Machine Learning

What is confusion matrix?


Confusion matrix is a table that is used to measure the performance of the machine learning classification model(typically for supervised learning, in case of unsupervised learning it usually called the matching matrix) where output can be two or more classes. Each row of the confusion matrix represents the instances in a predicted class while each column represents the instance in an actual class or vice versa.

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What is F1-score and what is it's importance in Machine learning?

F1 score.png

F1-Score or F-measure is an evaluation metric for a classification defined as the harmonic mean of precision and recall. It is a statistical measure of the accuracy of a test or model."

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Hyperparameters vs. Parameters

hyperparameters vs parameters.PNG

A hyperparameter is an entity of a learning algorithm, usually (but not always) having a finite numerical value.Parameters are variables that define the model, learned by the learning algorithm

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Loss Functions| Cost Functions in Machine Learning


Loss functions in machine learning are the functions that deal with the evaluation of how accurate the given prediction is made. If the prediction is made far away from the actual or true value i.e. prediction deviates more from actual value, then the loss function gives high numeric value.

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What is difference between Cost Function and Loss Function?

cost function vs loss function.png

The loss functions are defined on a single training example and the cost function is the average of the loss function for the entire training set" "

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