Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning and why is it important ?


Machine Learning is a computer science field that enables the computer or any other machine to learn without explicit programming. The main focus of machine learning is to provide algorithms that can be trained to accomplish a task. It is a subset of artificial intelligence. Machine learning algorithms create a mathematical model based on sample data, known as “training data,” so that predictions or decisions can be made without explicit programming for the task." "

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How to break into Machine Learning ?


The trend of using machine learning to solve problems is increasing in almost every field such as medicine, business, research, etc. So, for the present day, it has become an essential skill to learn. To break into machine learning, my advice is to follow the following steps:" "

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Which Programming language is best for machine learning


Machine Learning is a technique of developing algorithms that best fits and explains data. We can develop such algorithms in any of the languages we know."

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What are the best Machine Learning Tutorials on YouTube ?


In this article, you will see some of the best machine learning tutorials on youtube. The listed ones are the best machine learning tutorials in the sense that their tutor and the way of explanation.

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Getting started with Machine learning

Getting started with Machine learning.jpg

In this article, we know about the basics of Machine Learning. We will also discuss the most common and most frequently used terminologies in Machine learning that will help us in getting started with Machine Learning.

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